Model T27i

Popular, fuel efficient, commercial performer

T27i Model Overview

A powerful air-cooled engine with EFI technology delivers a responsive, fuel efficient performance. This mower provides powerful acceleration and throttle response. Built-in diagnostics and service light on the instrument panel simplify troubleshooting.

Type: Collection
Power: 26.5 HP
Engine: Kohler EFI
Ideal Application: 
Commercial Properties, Multi-Unit Complexes
Key Attributes: Compact, Agile, Versatile
Popular Add-ons:
Implement Hitch
48” Dozer Blade

Two-Stage Snowblower

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Key Attributes

Fully Synthetic Oil

Kohler Pro 300-Hour Extended Life Oil and Filter Equipped


Transmission Oil
Performance System

Enhanced drivetrain protection and performance



Be Responsive, Be Profitable

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Walker T23 Non-Collection


Option Available

T27i Comparison


  T23 t27i
Engine Kohler CH680 Kohler ECH749
Fuel System Carb EFI
Cooling System Air Air
Displacement 674 cc (41.1 cu. in.) 747 cc (45.6 cu. in.)
Max Power 22.5 HP @ 3600 RPM 26.5 HP @ 3600 RPM
Max Torque  37.9 ft-lbs 40 ft-lbs
Fuel Capacity 4.7 gal (17.8 liter) 4.7 gal (17.8 liter)
Seat Comfort Seat Comfort Seat
Weight 790 lbs (358 kg)[1]
1009 lbs (458 kg)[2]
787 lbs (357 kg)[1]
1006 lbs (457 kg)[2]
Dimensions 50 in (127 cm)" H x 49.25 in (125 cm)" W x 93 in (236 cm)" L[2] 50 in (127 cm)" H x 49.25 in (125 cm)" W x 93 in (236 cm)" L[2]

[1] Tractor only. [2] Tractor with C48 deck.

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2YEARSentire tractor
3YEARSor 3000 hours on drive system*
LEARN MORE *Gear Axle Assembly, Hydrostatic Transmissions for C, D, T and Hydrostatic Transaxles for B, H, S, R









Feature: Compact


Feature: Leaf Cleanup


Feature: Snow Removal


Inside the Grass Handling System

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Manufacturer: Kohler

Model: Command Pro® ECH749

Displacement: 747 cc (45.6 cu. in.)

Max Power: 26.5 HP @ 3600 RPM

Max Torque: 40 ft-lbs

Cooling System: Air

Fuel: Gasoline (unleaded - min. 87 octane)

Fuel Capacity: 4.7 gal (17.8 liter)


Battery: 12V, 35AH, 340 CCA

Charging System: Flywheel Alternator

Charging Output: 25 Amp DC (Regulated)


Manufacturer/Model: Dual Hydrostatic, Eaton Model 7, Each Wheel Independently Driven

Steering: Hand Lever Control, Individual Wheel

Forward Speed Control: Precision Friction Lock Lever, Cruise Control, with Neutral-Park Position

Parking Brake: Mechanical Pin Lock in Transmission Gear

Forward MPH (km/h): 0-7 MPH (0-11) Infinitely Variable

Neutral: Transaxle Release by Manual Dump Valve

Blade Drive

PTO Shaft: Quick Disconnect Splined Shaft with Two (2) High-Speed U-Joints

Blade Drive Clutch and Brake: Manual Belt Tightener Clutch and Band Brake [Stops Blades within Five (5) Seconds of Disengagement]

Grass Handling

Blower: 10.5 in. Diameter, Three-Blade Paddle Wheel

Max. Blower RPM: 4000 RPM

Grass Catcher Capacity: 93 Gal / 10.0 Bu / 352 L

Full Signal: Oscillating Vane Switch Mounted on Grass Delivery Spout Triggers Horn Signal

Powerfil®: Oscillating Delivery Spout Driven by 12 Volt Electric Gearmotor Spreads Material throughout Interior of Catcher @ 35 Cycles/Min


Recommended Cut Width: Collection:42 to 52 in. (107 to 132 cm), Side Discharge: 42 to 74 in (107 to 188 cm), Mulch: 42 to 52 in. (107 to 132 cm)

Cutting Height: 1.5 to 4 in. (4 to 10 cm) or 1.5 to 4.5 in. (4 to 11.5 cm) (DS52 & DS62 Belt Driven Decks Only)

Deck Suspension: Independent Torsion-Flex Frame with Caster Wheels and Counterweight Springs


Drive: 18 x 9.50-8 (Pneumatic 4-Ply, Standard) 18 x 10.50-10 (Pneumatic 4-Ply, Optional Low-Profile)

Tailwheel: 13 x 4.50-6 (Pneumatic 6-Ply, Standard Dual) 13 x 8.00-6 (Pneumatic 4-Ply, Optional Single)

Deck Caster: 8 x 3.00-4 (Semi-Pneumatic, All Decks Except DS52, DS62, DS74) 8 x 3.00-4 Pneumatic 4-Ply (Optional), All Decks Except DS52, DS62, DS74

Size & Weight


  • Tractor Only: 64.25 in (164 cm)
  • Tractor with C48 deck: 93 in (236 cm)
  • Tractor with deck tilted: 77 in (196 cm)
  • Tractor wheel base: 41 in (104 cm)


  • Tractor Only (Outside Tire): 39 in (99 cm)
  • Tractor with C48 deck: 49.25 in (125 cm)
  • Tread Width: 30 in (77 cm)


  • Tractor: 50 in (127 cm)


  • Tractor Only: 787 lbs (357 kg)
  • Tractor with C48 deck: 1006 lbs (457 kg)



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