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Model B


The Model B is compact and fast. It is a Walker Mower designed to run side discharge and mulch decks on difficult properties with hills, uneven terrain, and obstacles, while leaving a beautiful cut. With four different models to choose from, the Model B is configurable and versatile to meet the professionals’ expectations.


Explore B18


18 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V-Twin engine
4 gallon fuel tank
9 compatible decks: 4 mulching, 5 discharge


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19 HP Kohler Command Pro CH620 engine
4 gallon fuel tank
11 compatible decks: 5 mulching, 6 discharge


Explore B23i


23 HP Kohler Command Pro ECH730 EFI engine
Superior fuel efficiency
Comfort Seat
4.7 gallon fuel tank
13 compatible mowing decks: 6 mulching, 7 discharge


Explore B27i


26.5 HP Kohler Command Pro EFI engine
Superior fuel efficiency
Comfort Seat
4.7 gallon fuel tank
13 compatible mowing decks: 7 mulching, 6 discharge

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Model B

Like no other mower in the mid-size, zero-turn class, the Model B is productive and compact. The Model B possesses the distinct Walker characteristics of being agile, versatile, and easily maintainable while delivering the Walker beautiful cut. The Model B is light on the turf, which not only protects against rutting and other property damage, but also improves efficiency by reducing lost motion and giving quick maneuverability. With a low center of gravity and balanced design, the Model B is agile and demonstrates impressive hillside performance, allowing operators to mow more places with a single machine.

With interchangeable decks, attachments, and add-ons like LED headlights and a Utility Bed, the Model B is a productive and versatile year-round machine. Available in four unique configurations with a variety of power options, there is a Model B suitable for any situation.

Standard Features

  • High capacity, commercial engine air filtration
  • Precision steering system
  • Forward Speed Control
  • Hydro-Gear ZT3100 transmissions
  • Flexible deck carrier frame
  • Tilt-up decks and tilt-open body

Popular Add-ons


Model B 001
Model B 002
Model B 003
Model B 004
Model B 005
Model B 006
Model B 007
Model B 008
Model B 009
Model B 010
Model B 011
Model B 012

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