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What We Believe


Innovation differentiates our product and it gives us an advantage in the industry. It is fundamental that our products demand and derive value for us and our customers.


We employ a consistent group of people and utilize technology to manufacture our product to high standards. We value long tenure in our employees who take pride in our product and strive to deliver excellence.


Our program is transparent and strives to honor the investment of our customers.

At Walker Manufacturing we believe in a "family style" of doing business. This means we surround ourselves with employees, suppliers, and partners who have positive core values and who are happily working at their best opportunity. We approach our business as humble stewards of the opportunities and blessings which we have been granted. 

Each new employee at Walker Manufacturing is provided a card which outlines our core values of working together. We believe that when we intentionally focus on values and positivity—opportunity abounds.



O - Operate by principles that are optimum for employees and their families.

P - Promises are to be kept; keep your word, tell the truth, be honest in all things (dishonesty cannot be tolerated within the company or in outside relationships, as it is ultimately destructive).

P - Pursue excellence in all work without excuse–the results of this pursuit are easily seen in every part of the business and in all relationships both inside and outside of the company.

O - Opportunity to lead depends on serving–our suppliers, employees, and customers all voluntarily associate themselves with the company based on how well we serve them.

R - Remember where our help and blessings come from–live and work with gratitude for all the Lord has done for us.

T - Trial and error is powerful in finding the right way–keep your experiments on a small scale, so in error, the damage is small scale.

U - Understand that a primary objective of the business is to produce multiplied opportunities; multiplying money is further down the list and is more of a means to the primary objective.

N - Never allow growth to be the main goal–it is an outcome from doing everything else right.

I - In all relationships show mercy and forgiveness since the Lord has been merciful and forgiving to us.

T - The Lord’s Sabbath day will be honored by resting from our work.

Y - Your most equitable path is to honor, consider and protect the investments of others as if they were your own (consider employees, suppliers, marketers, customers).

A - Always love people, use money.

B - By working together as a company of people, we can accomplish a better livelihood for ourselves than available by working individually; helping others succeed builds your own success.

O - Our Lord God, our Senior Partner, has given us this opportunity, we are stewards of the business, the opportunity and the culture; we will operate by principles and ways to honor His name.

U - Unrelenting loyalty to customers builds long term relationships–a strong product opens the door while good service keeps it open.

N - Never ignore a request; all requests or inquiries deserve the dignity of a reply–do not screen or selectively not respond–you may miss the one opportunity you need to have if you screen.

D - Dignity and honor exist in all work performed by diligent workers–as much as each person should be working at their best opportunity, take pride in their work, enjoy what they are doing.

S - Stay independent–use internally generated finance, product development, and in-house production to keep control and build continuing opportunity.


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