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Model D


The Model D is an industrial-grade Walker Mower with impressive power and agility. The Model D is the only diesel powered Walker Mower equipped with the Walker Grass Handling System® (GHS). The Model D effortlessly handles the harshest mowing environments and extended running times without compromising on efficiency or power.


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20.9 HP three cylinder Kubota D722 diesel engine
6.5 MPH ground speed
4.7 gallon fuel tank

Model D

The Model D is designed with the same footprint as the Model T, making it compact and capable of mowing both small and large properties while also boasting a transverse mounted, 3 cylinder diesel engine and liquid cooling. A self-cleaning, reversing radiator fan keeps the Model D cool and efficient even in the toughest conditions. Weighing in just under 1,200 lbs, the Model D is one of the lightest diesel-equipped commercial mowers on the market.

This protects the turf from matting and rutting, while allowing the Model D to remain well-balanced and agile. Compatible with nearly all Walker mowing decks and add-ons, the Model D is a favorite with municipalities and institutional customers. A non-collection version without the GHS blower and Grass Catcher is also available. The non-collection model features a utility dump-bed in place of the grass catcher.

Standard Features

  • Automatic glow plug preheat
  • Transverse engine mount
  • Liquid cooled with self-cleaning radiator
  • Impressive 34 ft•lb torque
  • High capacity, commercial engine air filtration
  • Precision steering system
  • Forward Speed Control
  • Eaton Model 7 transmission with ductile cast iron gearbox final drive
  • Grammer 4-way adjustable Suspension Seat
  • Tilt-up deck and tilt-open body
  • Flexible deck carrier frame
  • High output 40-amp charging system
  • Grass Handling System® (GHS)
  • 10.5 inch GHS blower
  • Oscillating PowerFil® chute with Grass-Pak® full signal
  • 10 bushel (12.4 cu. ft.) grass catcher

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