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Model B27i

A simplified design with improved performance

B27i Model Overview

This powerful addition to the Model B lineup features a 26.5 HP Kohler EFI engine in a simplified chassis/body design. Coming to dealerships in Spring 2020.

Type: Non-Collection
Power: 26.5 HP
Engine: Kohler EFI
Ideal Application: 
Commercial and Municipalities
Key Attributes: Hillside Stability, Efficient, High Production
Standard Options: 18 x 8.5-10 Turf Tire, Comfort Seat

Decks: 7 Discharge, 6 Mulching
Popular Add-ons:
36” Single-Stage Snowblower
48” Dozer Blade
Big Tire Kit




B23i Studio 1
B23i Studio 2
B23i Studio 3
B23i Studio 4
B23i Studio 5
B23i Studio 6
B23i Studio 7
B23i Studio 8
B23i Studio 9
B23i Studio 10
B23i Studio 11
B23i Studio 12
B23i Action 1
B23i Action 2
B23i Action 3
B23i Action 4
B23i Action 5
B23i Action 6

Coming Spring 2020