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The Walker Advantage

Beautiful Cut


Since the early 80’s, the Walker Mower has been providing an efficient way to cut lawns beautifully. This is by design, and the unique features of the out-front Walker deck gives operators results that are different.


Here’s what Walker customers are saying


Light on the Turf

Machine weight matters

A machine that weighs less reduces impact when maneuvering on the grass, and it virtually eliminates rutting caused by heavy mowers. The less weight you put on grass the better.

Light on the Turf

Front-mount Deck

Out Front Mowing

Beautiful cut has been our focus from the very first Walker Mower design. Positioning the mowing deck in front of the machine is fundamental in producing high quality mowing.


Beautiful Cut by Design

Passionate discipline for beautiful results

A mowing deck should have one purpose, to cut grass beautifully in a single pass. Each Walker deck style and size are treated as a unique engineering opportunity. Disciplined attention to detail is key to delivering a beautiful cut.

C42R Bottom

C48 Bottom

M42 Bottom

M48 Bottom

S42 Bottom

S48 Bottom

My Walker Story

Benjamin Dick

Dick Gepflegt

When their current mowers were no longer meeting the demands of their business, Dick Gepflegt gave the Walker Mower a try. What once took over two days to mow, now only takes 5 hours! They are saving 25 hours a month and turning that time into more mowing, boosting profits and having fun while doing it!

Map + Benjamin

Hans-Peter Krebs

Pfäffikon, Switzerland

Hans-Peter is grounds keeper and lifeguard at Badi am See on lake Pfäffikersee. This resort is not only known for its wonderful pool and amenities, but for its beautiful grounds and sporting fields. Hans-Peter says the Walker Mower is the secret to keeping the property looking its best.

Map + Hans Peter

Pierre Warnauts

Bruges, Belgium

Since retirement, Pierre Warnauts and his son Fredrick have spent many hours on their mulching Walker D21d mowers maintaining their 25 hectares of pristine property in Bruges, Belgium. The Walker has the power, the cut quality, and the ease of use that is perfect for Pierre. And it makes the property around the family castle look nice as well.

Map + Pierre

Trent & Steven Robertson

Premier Landscaping

Brothers Trent and Steven have been using the Walker Mower for almost 18 years to set themselves apart from their competitors. Not only can they guarantee that their customers' properties will look better after being maintained with a Walker Mower, but they can get the job done faster than their competition.

Map + robertson

Bob Webb

Wilberforce, New South Wales

Time is a precious commodity, especially when you run a large plumbing business six days a week. The Walker Mower allows Bob to keep his mowing time to a minimum while still providing the relaxation of mowing his lawn and making it look beautiful.

Map + Web

John Daniel Ward

Ward's Farm Landscaping

For Daniel Ward, there is no better mower than the Walker Mower. With its beautiful cut, maneuverability, ability to clean up leaves and yard debris, it is truly a universal mower that does everything he needs to do.

Map + Ward

Brit Donaldson

Villa Maria Estate, Auckland

The Walker Mower is a good fit for the Villa Maria grounds, because of the events that they have, and its ability to keep the grounds to a high standard - something Villa Maria is well known for in their wine production.

Map + Villa Maria

Wayne Bengelli

Downer Infrastructure

In Tauranga, New Zealand, Wayne of Downer Infrastructure maintains high end commercial properties, including cemeteries. The Walker Mower is a perfect pairing for the compact, uneven conditions with size, agility, and a premium, high-quality cut.

Map + Bengelli

Peter Farrell

Grace Park Property Maintenance

Located in Melbourne Australia, Peter finds the Walker Mower to be the perfect combination of efficiency and high quality cut that both he and his customers appreciate. It is the perfect tool allowing his small team of two to get on and off the property fast, leaving a beautiful cut every time.

Map + Farrell

John Couchan

Banora Point, Australia

John is admittedly a bit fastidious about his lawn mowing. He cares for his son's lawn, his neighbor's lawn, and his own lawn when he is not playing golf or otherwise enjoying his retirement. He loves the relaxation and satisfaction that comes from manicuring his property with the Walker Mower.

Map + Couchan

Chad Gallimore

Gallimore Construction

Chad added lawn maintenance to the services offered by his excavating and grading business four years ago. Chad has always appreciated high quality, high caliber equipment and the Walker Mower fits perfectly into his company. It provides the cut and cleanup quality he wants, and it wins him business weekly.

Map + Gallimore

Jerry & Jared Spooner

Groom & Bloom Lawncare

The Spooners consider themselves artists. The lawn is the canvas, and the Walker Mower is the paint brush. They pride themselves on creating a beautiful cut that their customers love. The father and son who run the business truly love their Walker Mowers.

Map + Spooner

Kathrine Allen

Wagga Wagga, Australia

Kathrine has been using Walker Mowers for almost 20 years and it makes such a difference in the beauty of her property. She says, "You know, as my mother always used to say, 'You are only as good as your tools,' and if you have acres and grounds, if you don't have a machine like a Walker Mower, then your life, I think, can be really hard."

Map + Kathrine Allen

Terry McMahon

Highgate Hill, Brisbane Australia

Terry enjoys maintaining his various properties with the best mower he has experienced, the Walker Mower. He finds the process of mowing the lawn very relaxing and quite therapeutic, plus having a beautiful lawn that friends and family can enjoy is very satisfying.

Map + McMahon

Pat Barton

Earthworks Lawn & Tree Service

Pat Barton has been mowing lawns since he was 14 years old, and from day one he had his eye set on the Walker Mower. Now that he uses Walker Mowers, the productivity and quality of cut of his company has become well known in his community. See how the Walker Mower has impacted his business.

Map + Barton

Tony Allegra

Allegra Landscaping

Tony Allegra has built his business to deliver the best of the best for his clients. After trying a variety of heavy mowers, Tony finally found the Walker Mower. Its lightweight floating deck, durability, and maintainability have been the keys to his success.

Map + Allegra

Metlife Bayswater

Tauranga, New Zealand

David and Wayne care for 30 acres of beautiful grounds at the MetLife lifestyle community. They sit on about 10 feet of sand with a small layer of topsoil as they are a beachfront community, so lawn nutrients are always a concern. But, the Walker Mower with a mulch deck have proven to be the perfect match.

Map + Metlife

Michael & Terry

Glossodia, NSW Australia

Michael and father-in-law Terry love their Walker B23i mowers. Michael maintains his 5 acre property while Terry is the groundskeeper for the local school. Both properties require a lot of rough cutting along with the need for a finely manicured finish, and the Walker Mower is the perfect tool for the job.

Map + Michael Terry

Campbell Family


Johnny and Pauline Campbell live on 50 acres of pristine country near Poukawa, New Zealand. After retirement from farming on the same land, they have created a beautiful, English style, garden with almost 5 acres of turf to mow. The Walker mower is the perfect fit for Campbell's social lifestyle.

Map + Campbell

Dane & Paul

Canberra Airport

Dane and Paul head up the property maintenance crew of the Canberra Airport in Canberra, Australia. With over 60 hectares of lawn turf to maintain, there is no shortage of mowing to be done and the Walker Mower has given Canberra the reputation of having one of the finest grounds around.

Map + Canberra

Rob & Amber

Planet Turf

Rob and Amber have provided lawn maintenance at the Hereworth School for Boys in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand for nine years. The Walker allows them to mow in almost any condition, at any time of day, without downtime - while producing a beautiful cut they can take pride in.

Map + Murray

David Bartlett

Bartlett Yard Works

David Bartlett started Bartlett Yard Works at the age of 14. now at 17, he is running a high end property maintenance company. David credits good work ethic taught to him by his father and the Walker Mower for aiding in his success

Map + Bartlett

Mark Polzin

Polzin Landscaping

High end customers want the nicest looking property on the street. Whether it is mowing in the rain, springtime dethatching, or fall cleanup, the Walker Mower allows Mark Polzin to be a one-man operation while still providing premium service.

Map + Polzin

Jim Lucia

Bryant University

Bryant University uses the Walker Mower to provide a beautiful, golf course like look, to their forested campus. “It takes a team to create a certain atmosphere and a certain look, and it takes machinery such as the Walker Mower to provide that level of professionalism.”

Map + Bryant

David Tavares

Tavares Landscaping Services

The Walker mower has helped Tavares Landscape Maintenance create a successful business providing high quality lawn beautification and cleanup to a wide variety of customers. "We call it the lawn vacuum, because it sucks EVERYTHING up."

Map + Tavares

Joe Kovolyan

University of Puget Sound

The Walker Mower is an integral part of the success The University of Puget Sound has experienced. The beauty of the campus is listed as one of the top ten reasons why students choose the University. Those are results Joe Kovolyan and the entire grounds crew take pride in.

Map + Puget

Erin Nash

Estate Gardening and Design Inc.

Hear how the Walker Mower turned Estate Gardening & Design from a small fish into a high-end, premium company. Erin credits the immaculate results of the Walker cut as setting Estate apart from their competitors and a key ingredient to their success.

Map + Estate

Bryan Starnes

Bryan's Lawn Maintenance and Landscape

Bryan Starnes, of Bryan's Lawn Maintenance and Landscape in Irmo, South Carolina share his story of using the Walker Mower. Bryan points to the beautiful cut of the Walker Mower as being instrumental in growing his business.

Map + Starnes