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Model R


The Model R is the perfect Walker Mower for residential properties. The belt-driven mower blades make operation smooth and quiet without compromising on the Walker Mower’s distinct advantages. Fast, easy, beautiful mowing is the standard, and the Model R brings the premium Walker experience home.


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21 HP Kohler KT620 with Smart-ChokeTM technology
3 gallon custom-molded fuel tank
Electric blade clutch


Model R

The Model R has been specifically designed to meet the high standards of residential owners. It delivers essential attributes like ease of use, high quality of cut (especially on complex, difficult properties), operator comfort, reliability, and easy maintenance. The Model R features an integrated deck design available in 42 and 48 inch cutting widths. The deck rests on independent articulating deck arms, allowing it to freely flex up and down, minimizing scalping and uncut areas of grass. 

The torsion-flex carrier frame also allows the deck to flex side-to-side, so no matter the terrain, the Model R delivers a smooth premium cut. The Model R can be fitted with an optional mulching kit that includes bolt-in baffles and serrated mulching blades. A side-mounted grass catcher is also available for the Model R. The Model R is priced for residential owners thanks to its simplified design and components. It is a premium Walker Mower designed to provide fast, easy, beautiful mowing for years to come.

Standard Features

  • Hydro-Gear EZT transmissions
  • Precision steering system
  • Forward Speed Control
  • Flexible deck carrier frame
  • Tilt-up deck and tilt-open seat panel

Popular Add-ons

  • Comfort Seat
  • Tow Hitch
  • Mulching Kit including bolt-in baffles and serrated mulching blades
  • AcceleratorTM side-mount grass catcher
  • LED Headlight Kit


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