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What They Say About Their Teams


"The HR team is committed to applying Walker's value-driven culture with technical skill, individualized service and genuine care."


"The Manufacturing Ops team is an amazing group of highly talented, experienced and skilled professionals who care deeply about Walker and improving our performance. They are fun to be around, a joy to both work with and watch them engage each other and others. I am so proud of the work they consistently do, outside of the spotlight, and how the work they do continues to make a difference in our results and with the shop folks - their direct customers. I am very proud to be associated with this team and look forward to being with them daily."


"Walker Accounting Team – we are a squad of highly effective accountant moms (and grand-moms!). We’ve got rhythm and trust in one another that makes it possible for us to do everything we do, working with intention and always showing-up. We make to-do lists and do the important things first…holding ourselves and each other accountable. We challenge the status quo, pursuing growth and continued learning all while embracing the family spirit. This team serves humbly and delivers great work!"


"The Walker Planning and Supply Chain team is a group of steadfast individuals representing on average 30+ years of tenure with the company. This team has been through many changing seasons and challenges, and passionately strives to to deliver high quality materials on time to keep our production lines delivering on time for our customers."


"The Walker Sales department, supports, trains, encourages, and leads our 2-Step distribution channel partners who sell & service The Walker Mower through hundreds of local outdoor power equipment dealers around the globe."


"The Walker Marketing department is comprised of a talented group of professionals. This team has diverse backgrounds and capabilities that set the Walker brand apart day in and day out."


"Walker Distributing has been described as having the "weirdest job in the company". WDC loves the challenge of our role--buying mowers from Walker and placing them throughout the US in creative and ever-growing ways, while communicating our experiences back to the mother company. Our team of twelve enjoys the opportunity we have to represent Walker downstream of the factory."