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The Walker Mower is designed to be easily maintained and serviced
for long machine life and higher return on investment.



Tilt-open bodies allow quick access to the engine and drivetrain, while tilt-up mower decks
make blade maintenance and deck cleaning a quick and easy task.


Tilt-Up Decks

Quick, safe access to the mowing blades, deck housing, and discharge chute for easy maintenance and cleaning. With most other mowers, a large mower jack or lift would be necessary, but not with the Walker.


Tilt-Open Bodies

Within seconds, you have full access to the engine, belts, battery, and internal grass handling components. Belt repairs can be quickly made in the field without tools.

Safe Blade Changes

Quick Belt Replacements

With other mowers, you have to either find a jack or find a way to set it at an angle But with a Walker, you just flip up your deck, pop it out, put in the new blades, and keep on cutting grass.”

Elias Baltazar
Baltazar Lawn Care,
Russellville, Alabama


It's very user friendly, everything is there. The belts are very easy to change, even on site, if a belt goes on site, I have extras in my trailer, if one goes I'm able to change it right on site. With other machines? Uh, not so easy.”

Ryan Boyd
Metcalfe Grasshopper,
Metcalfe, Ontario Canada


Lubrication Points

A well lubricated machine is a happy machine

Walker Mowers feature over 30 lubrication points. This means that the moving parts that experience stress and wear are maintainable. Sealed bearings and “lifetime” bearings do have a limited lifespan, so being able to lubricate moving parts greatly extends the life of your mower.

We recommend greasing these lubrication points every 25 hours of operation, and thanks to tilt-open bodies and tilt-up decks, the process is quick and easy.

I'm gonna say it's a 10 minute job to grease that mower. And that's the undercarriage, the drive shaft, everything on the Hi-Dump, everything on the engine compartment, all the different linkages for the mower.”

Jeff Craddock
JC Lawncare,
Strongsville, Ohio




Each Walker Mower model is built from the inside out to achieve
a balance of durability and performance. Walker Mowers are engineered to
perform and proven to last.

Only The Best

Industry leading suppliers make the Walker Mower greater because of the sum of its parts.

Cardinal Paint
Donaldson Filtration
Flambeau Plastics
General Air
Granner Seats
Hoosier Wheel
JK Pulley
Peerless Gear
Pro Gear and Transmission
Seats Inc.
Superior Gearbox Company
Timken Company

Service Parts

Service parts are readily available for most of our tractor models, some even dating back to our first mowers produced in the 1980's. If you have a Walker Mower you are trying to keep running, or get running again after years on the sideline, we've got you covered.

Service Parts Diagram

Service Parts are Available
Through Your Local Dealer

Dealer Distance