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Model S14i

A serious residential machine with a commercial mower’s heart

S14i Model Overview

The S14i features the new Kohler Command Pro, ECH440. With an upgraded starter and Delphi fuel injection, the S14i has improved startability with lower operating fuel consumption. The patented Walker GHS Blower with Thru-Shaft PTO and commercial grade components makes the S14i a serious, entry-level commercial mower equally suited for commercial or residential properties.

Type: Collection
Power: 14 HP
Engine: Kohler EFI, ECH440
Ideal Application: Residential Properties, Small Commercial Properties
Key Attributes: Compact, Agile
Decks: 3 Collection, 3 Discharge, 4 Mulching
Popular Add-ons:
Single-Stage Snowblower
48” Dozer Blade


Key Attributes


Get Into and Out of Tight Spots


Be Responsive, Be Profitable



Experience Proper Weight Distribution

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S14i Comparison


  S14i S18 C19
Engine Kohler ECH440 Briggs Vanguard V-Twin Kohler ECH630
Fuel System EFI Carb EFI
Cooling System Air Air Air
Displacement 429 cc 570 cc 694 cc
Max Power 14 HP at 3600 RPM 18 HP at 3600 RPM 19 HP at 3600 RPM
Max Torque 22.7 ft-lbs 39.2 ft-lbs 34.2 ft-lbs
Fuel Capacity 1.9 gal (7.2 liter) 4 gal (15.1 liter) 4 gal (15.1 liter)
Grass Handling Collection Collection Collection
Weight 596 lbs[1]
786 lbs[2]
636 lbs[1]
827 lbs[2]
739 lbs[1]
930 lbs[2]
Dimensions 46.5"H x 43.25"W x 89.25"L[2] 46.5"H x 43.25"W x 89.25"L[2] 47.25"H x 43.25"W x 89.25"L[2]

[1] Tractor only. [2] Tractor with C42 deck. [3] Tractor with M48 deck.

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Feature: Compact


Feature: Leaf Cleanup


Feature: Snow Removal


Financing Options

With financing options from both Sheffield and Yard Card, we have a program perfect for your needs including: No Monthly interest for 48 months with Equal Payments or Deferred Payments for up to 8 months. You can own and operate your Walker Mower all season before making your first payment. Imagine paying off your machine in a single payment with your extra profits thanks to the Walker Productivity Advantage.

Investigate all of our retail financing offers currently available for both commercial and private customers.

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Manufacturer: Kohler

Model: ECH440

Displacement: 429 cc (24.7 cu. in.)

Max Power: 14 HP at 3600 RPM

Max Torque: 22.7 ft-lbs

Cooling System: Air

Fuel: 87 Octane Min. 10% Ethanol Max.

Fuel Capacity: 1.9 gal (7.2 liter)


Battery: 12 Volt, 300 CCA

Charging System: Flywheel Alternator

Charging Output: 13 Amp DC (Regulated)


Manufacturer/Model: Dual, Independent Hydro-Gear® ZT3100 Integrated Transaxles

Steering: Hand Lever Control / Individual Wheel

Forward Speed Control: Precision Friction Lock Lever, Cruise Control, with Neutral-Park Position

Parking Brake: Internal Mechanical Cog Lock for each Transaxle (Single Lever Control)

Forward MPH (km/h): 0-6.5 (0-10.5) Infinitely Variable

Neutral: Transmission Release by Manual Dump Valve

Blade Drive

PTO Shaft: Sliding Spline Shaft with Two (2) High-Speed U-Joints

Blade Drive Clutch and Brake: Manual Belt Tightener Clutch and Band Brake

Grass Handling

Blower: 12.75 in. Diameter, Three-Blade Wheel, Integrated Thru-Shaft PTO

Max. Blower RPM: 2900

Grass Catcher Capacity gal / bu / L1: 65 / 7 / 246

Full Signal: Oscillating vane switch mounted on grass delivery spout triggers horn signal

Powerfil®: Oscillating delivery spout driven by 12 volt electric gear motor spreads material throughout interior of catcher


Recommended Cut Width: 36 or 42 in. (91 or 107 cm) (Collection, Side Discharge, Mulch)

Cutting Height: 1 to 4 in. (2.5 to 10 cm) in 1/2 in. (1 cm) Increments

Deck Suspension: Independent Torsion-Flex Frame with Caster Wheels and Counterweight Springs


Drive: 18 x 7.00-8 Pneumatic 4-Ply

Tailwheel: 13 x 6.50-6 Pneumatic 4-Ply

Deck Caster: 8 x 3.00-4 Semi-Pneumatic, No-Flat

Size & Weight


  • Tractor Only: 65 in (165 cm)
  • Tractor with C36 deck: 87 in (221 cm)
  • Tractor with C42 deck: 89.25 in (227 cm)
  • Tractor with deck tilted: 77 in (196 cm)
  • Tractor wheel base: 42.25 in (107 cm)


  • Tractor Only (Outside Tire): 36.25 in (92 cm)
  • Tractor with C36 deck: 37.25 in (95 cm)
  • Tractor with C42 deck: 43.25 in (110 cm)


  • Tractor: 46.5 in (118 cm)


  • Tractor Only: 596 lb (270 kg)
  • Tractor with C36 deck: 767 lb (348 kg)
  • Tractor with C42 deck: 787 lb (358 kg)



Specification Sheets


Released Class Model Type Model S/N Range Manual P/N Download
03/05/2017 S-Series Mower S18 Owner 143965 - CURRENT 5000-33 PDF
03/05/2017 S-Series Mower S18 Parts 144715 - CURRENT 5000-32 PDF
05/05/2014 S-Series Mower S14 Owner 127922 - CURRENT 5000-28 PDF
05/05/2014 S-Series Mower S14 Parts 128442 - CURRENT 5000-27 PDF
01/15/2005 S-Series Mower MS Owner 69735 - 27921 5000-16 PDF
10/01/2003 S-Series Mower MS Owner 57906 - 69734 5000-11 PDF
11/05/1997 S-Series Mower MS Owner 20381 - 57905 5000-1 PDF
07/01/1997 S-Series Mower MS Owner 00000 - 20380 5895 PDF
04/25/2014 S-Series Mower MS Parts 117172 - 128441 5000-22 PDF
04/01/2005 S-Series Mower MS Parts 78322 - 117171 5000-14 PDF
03/02/2004 S-Series Mower MS Parts 60136 - 78321 5000-12 PDF
10/01/1997 S-Series Mower MS Parts 20381 - 60135 5000-2 PDF
11/05/1991 S-Series Mower MS Parts 00000 - 20380 5895-1 PDF