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Dozer Blade 48

Impressive performance and versatility

Dozer Blade 48

The Dozer Blade is a powerful tool able to tackle a variety of tasks, from cleaning up after a snow storm to backfilling irrigation trenches. It is designed and built by Walker using the latest fabrication technology, precision tooling, and quality workmanship.

Blade design features a simple foot-actuated angle adjust mechanism that allows the operator to quickly set the blade to 5 different positions and also employs trip-over protection with adjustable preload. The steel cutting edge is replaceable, with four mounting positions for extended life.

Type: Implement
Part: H11
Size: 48 in (122 cm)
Ideal Application: Snow Removal, Grading
Key Features: Spring loaded trip, foot activated angle adjustment, replaceable wear edge





H11 48 Inch Dozer Blade Implement


Winter Versatility


H11 Left
H11 Front Left
H11 Front
H11 Front Right
H11 Right
H11 001
H11 002
H11 003
H11 004
H11 005
H11 006

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  • Blade Angle Adjustment kit (P/N 6623-30) required for use with Operator Hard Cab (P/N A33)

The following options are available for the H11 Dozer Blade

  • Dozer Blade Steel Wear Edge Kit 48" (6624-21)
  • Dozer Blade Polyurethane Wear Edge Kit 48" (6625-10)