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Try A Walker

Fill out the short form below to let us know which products you are interested in and what mowing challenges you are facing. Then, a demo representative will contact you shortly to work out the details of your test drive.

How Do Walker Demos Work?

1. Don't hesitate
No high pressure sales—we simply demonstrate the equipment and answer your questions.

2. Pick your location
You will truly experience what owning a Walker will be like if we bring a mower to a property you mow regularly.

3. Take your time
The average demo takes at least 2 hours.

4. Get some variety
Tell us about which models you are interested in along with the mowing conditions you regularly face and we will bring a couple options out for you to experience.

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Retail Financing

Financing Options

With financing options from Sheffield, Yard Card, and Western Equipment, we have the perfect program to match your needs. Thanks to the Walker Productivity Advantage, in a matter of days you’ll generate enough cash flow to make your payment for the month and spend the rest of the month adding profit to your business. Talk to a dealer today to learn more!

Investigate all of our retail financing offers currently available for both commercial and private customers.

Current Financing Offers