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The GHS Advantage

Walker GHS

Walker invented the internal Grass Handling System® on our first mower, and it remains the most efficient way to vacuum grass clippings, leaves, or debris from the lawn.

The GHS Design

Provisions for a built-in grass collection system are an integral part of the Walker design. The result is an internal system that fits within the footprint of the mower. The exclusive Walker GHS (Grass Handling System®) offers precise trimming from both sides, powerful vacuum action, clog resistance, and high capacity without the bulk of typical grass catcher attachments found on other mowers.

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GHS Components

A sum as great as its parts

GHS Left Diagram


Full Signal
GHS Right Diagram
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Trim on both sides of the deck

T25i vs. Mid-mount Walker T25i vs. Mid-mount with Catcher

Integrated Components

Walker Mowers are engineered to ensure the entire grass collection system is internal. Advantages to this include:

  • Mower retains its compact footprint
  • No bulky tubes or bags, allowing for precise trimming from both sides
  • Powerful vacuum effect

Collection Decks

Collection decks are designed to beautifully cut grass in a number of mowing conditions while working together with the GHS blower to efficiently move material from the underside of the deck. Each Walker collection deck is engineered for dynamic airflow to handle various grass types and lengths along with additional organic material.

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Collection Decks

Standard vs Reverse-Rotation Explained

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Standard Rotation

Standard rotation blades come together at the front of the deck, moving material directly into the rear discharge chute. Standard rotation decks are ideal for users who need to collect thick, heavy clippings, including leaves and other yard debris.

If you experience uncut grass in the center of the cut area, especially in the 48" deck, consider the reverse rotation deck.

Reverse Rotation

Reverse rotation blades come together at the rear of the deck, moving material around the edges of the deck before it is channeled into the discharge chute. The simplified airflow design of reverse rotation decks provides exceptional cut quality, especially in the middle and in blade overlap.

If you experience uncollected debris or grass clippings at the center of the deck, consider the standard rotation deck.

GHS Add-ons

When cutting grass, how you deal with clippings makes a big impact on your day. With numerous Grass Handling System® add-ons available, the Walker Mower can make dealing with clippings a breeze.


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