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64 Inch Rear Discharge Deck


Coupled with the Model H, the DR64 provides high production mowing for mid to large size properties. From municipalities and institutions, to commercial operators and homeowners, the DR64 improves bystander safety and operator cleanliness, provides beautiful results across many grass types and conditions, and functionality for the machine operator and mechanic. With two individual adjustable footrests, both tall and short operators can configure the footrests for all day comfort. The out front design, along with the thoughtful and innovative engineering of the DR64, make this deck a valuable addition to any garage or mowing fleet.

Type: Rear Discharge
Part: DR64-3 (Belt Drive)

Cutting Width: 64 in (162 cm)
Blades: 3
Ideal Application: Model H only, rear discharge improves bystander safety and operator cleanliness






R64 Bottom
R64 Top
R64 Top Open
R64 Operator
R64 Front Right

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