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52 Inch Mulching Deck


The M52 is a large on-purpose mulch deck designed for Models D, T, and B23i. This gear driven, two blade deck features a serrated wing style blade with recirculating hub which provides consistent cutting performance with aggressive mulch action. The M52 features replaceable deck wear edges as well as stronger edge stiffeners to improve housing life and durability.

Type: Mulching
Part: DM52-2
Replaceable Wear Edges: 7703-11 (set of 2)
Wear Edge Hardware:
1/4-20 x 3/8 Torx (T27) Button Head Bolt (Walker P/N F601)
1/4-20 x 1/4 T-Nut (Walker P/N F602)
Cutting Width: 52 in (132 cm)
Blades: 2 with recirculating hubs
Ideal Application: High production mowing in compact and landscaped properties where side-discharged material is problematic, properties that require a manicured look without having to collect the clippings.



Deck Features

1. Center V-Baffles - Guide and maintain circulation of material into each blade chamber
2. Recirculating Hubs - Create airflow and push cut material into turf
3. Replaceable Wear Edges - Position of wear strips can be reversed to double life and also replaced using four mount bolts
4. Semi-Circle and Kicker Baffles - Help evenly distribute clippings underneath entire cutting width of the deck
5. Serrated Wing Blades - Provide additional reduction of clipping size
6. Edge Stiffeners - 66% additional reinforcement to edges to improve protection of deck housing

Key Attributes

Replaceable Wear Edges

Replaceable Wear Edges

Longer Deck Life 

Key Attributes - Compact


Get Into and Out of Tight Spots

Feature - High Production Mulching

High Production Mulching

Mulch Even the Largest Properties



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M52 Chris Larussi Testimonial


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