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42 Inch Collection Deck


For most conditions, the 42-inch collection deck has the strongest vacuum performance of all Walker collection decks. Besides cutting and vacuuming grass beautifully, the C42 a perfect fit for handling leaves and debris in compact areas.

Updated in 2022 with deeper deck edge skirt increased in height by 1/2 in. to 3-7/8 in. in an effort to improve cut quality similar to the C48, replaceable wear edges now standard, and updated blade drive gearbox assembly and gearbox cover mounting and sealing resulting in improved durability and quieter operation.

Type: Collection
Part: DC42-1, DC42-2 (Heavy Duty), DC42V-2 (Vented)

Cutting Width: 42 in (107 cm)
Blades: 2
Ideal Application: Damp grass, leaf and spring cleanup





Replaceable Wear Edges


Beautiful Cut by Design: Collection Decks


Decks: A Closer Look


C42 Bottom
C42 Top
C42 Top Open
C42 Operator View
C42 Front Right

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