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Operator Comfort


Productivity begins with comfort

Parallax Steering

Walker Mowers’ steering system is unique. The precision steering and handling of the Walker responds to finger-tip control, reducing overall operator fatigue.

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steering lever extensions

Steering levers can also be adjusted to suit each operator, and optional steering lever extensions are available to ensure a comfortable operating position is found.

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Footrests, Right Where You Need Them

Adjustable Footrests

With the optional Walker Footrests you can easily find the ideal positioning for your feet while mowing.

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Curb Jumper

The dual purpose Curb Jumper Ramp serves as a footrest while also allowing you quick access over a standard curb.

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Premium Seats, Unmatched Comfort


Operator Comfort

The Walker Comfort Seat Features:

  • Premium seat bolstering and back profile for increased posture and lumbar support
  • Increased seat area with added thigh support at the front of the seat
  • Elastomeric Vibration Control which greatly increases comfort during operation by isolating engine vibration along with bumps and hits from rough terrain
  • Optional matching upholstered, adjustable armrests are available

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Suspension Seat

The Walker Suspension Seat Features:

  • Full-spring suspension with dampening for a smooth ride over the roughest of terrains
  • Adjustments for operator weight, lumbar support, back angle, and armrest angle allow for complete customization
  • Armrests are included

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Beat the Heat

Stay cool and hydrated with the exclusive Walker front-mount cup holder keeping your beverage of choice within easy reach.

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