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Interchangeable Decks


Unlock tremendous efficiency and quality potential

One Mower, Many Conditions

Mowing lawns is rarely the same day to day. Seasonal changes in moisture levels, growth rate, or material type can often shift overnight. Having the ability to easily customize your mowing configuration makes all the difference. 

The ultimate, versatile lawn mower



Collection deck in the spring to collect quickly growing grass.



Mulching deck to maintain healthy lawn growth in the summer months.



Large side discharge deck for rough, wide area mowing.



Collection decks for seasonal leaf and debris clean-up


Quick Deck Changes

  1. Disconnect the deck counter-weight springs
  2. Pull the two deck pins and roll the deck away from the tractor
  3. Reposition the quick-connect PTO shaft coupler
  4. Slide next deck partly into position
  5. Ensure the GHS deck chute is in position
  6. Fit the quick-connect coupler
  7. Slide the deck fully into place
  8. Insert the deck pins
  9. Connect the deck counter-weight springs

Explore Deck Add-Ons

Explore Decks


Each Walker deck is uniquely configured to meet a very specific maintenance niche. Whether your most important consideration in looking for the perfect deck is cutting width, material capacity, or grass type, there is a Walker deck that will suit your needs.