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Your Riding Lawn Vacuum

The Walker Mower equipped with the powerful GHS (Grass Handling System®) quickly chops and vacuums up most leaves and small tree debris in a single pass.


The GHS Design

Provisions for a built-in grass collection system are an integral part of the Walker design. The result is an internal system that fits within the footprint of the mower. The exclusive Walker GHS (Grass Handling System®) offers precise trimming from both sides, powerful vacuum action, clog resistance, and high capacity without the bulk of typical grass catcher attachments found on other mowers.

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The versatile Walker Mower is known for fast, easy, beautiful mowing — but as the summer mowing season draws to an end, the Walker Mower is just hitting its stride.

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Mulching & Collection

Reduce Leaf Volume While Revealing a Clean Lawn


“By mulching the leaves first prior to collection you can really reduce the amount of space they take in the grass catcher. That also really saves on less trips to dump debris while you are working.”



Dramatically Reduce Autumn Debris

Mulching before collecting can significantly reduce the final amount of debris.

Trash Cans without mulchingWithout Mulching
Trash Cans with mulching With Mulching

Deck changes take only a matter of minutes, making transitions between the debris reduction of mulching and the clean finished look of collection fast.


Quick Deck Changes

  1. Disconnect the deck counter-weight springs
  2. Pull the two deck pins and roll the deck away from the tractor
  3. Reposition the quick-connect PTO shaft coupler
  4. Slide next deck partly into position
  5. Ensure the GHS deck chute is in position
  6. Fit the quick-connect coupler
  7. Slide the deck fully into place
  8. Insert the deck pins
  9. Connect the deck counter-weight springs

Try a Walker for yourself.

Experience how the Walker Mower can make autumn cleanup fast and easy. Schedule a demo today. 

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Tackle Autumn Debris In Just a Few Passes


“Until we get into the big (leaf) dump I’ll just use the mulch deck. Generally, two passes will clean up just about anything. And when you get into the real heavy stuff, three passes will clean up just about anything.”



Autumn debris is repeatedly chopped into finer material, leaves are eliminated while natural organic material is returned to the soil giving a healthy boost for next spring’s growing season, all without producing a single load of debris.


Beautiful Cut By Design

Every Walker mulching deck is custom engineered to balance results and performance. Take a glimpse at the engineering that goes into our mulching decks.

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With a variety of mulching decks and mulching baffle kits for side discharge decks, the Walker Mower can make your autumn cleanup simple.

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