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Light On The Turf

Weight Matters

A lightweight mower improves productivity and agility and is key in producing a beautiful cut. Walker strives to keep machine weight low through disciplined structural design while maximizing performance and durability.

T25i C52

Weight: 1,288 lbs
Differential: 0


Weight: 1,427 lbs
Differential: +139 lbs


Weight: 1,569 lbs*
Differential: +281 lbs


Weight: 1,642 lbs*
Differential: +354 lbs


Weight: 1,738 lbs*
Differential: +450 lbs


Weight: 1,758 lbs*
Differential: +470 lbs

*Optional collection system installed.

Rut /rət/ (noun) a long deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles


Minimize Rutting

Walker Mowers can mow the same patterns week after week, in a variety of conditions, without causing unsightly tracks or damaged grass. With a lower overall weight that is evenly distributed, a Walker will help minimize ground rutting.


With a lower overall weight that is evenly distributed, grass springs right back after mowing


Reduced Turf Damage

Walker’s Counter-Weight Springs transfer weight from the caster tires to the drive tires. This reduces turning friction and minimizes twisting and rutting damage caused by excessive weight on the front casters, while also improving drive tire traction resulting in more agility and less tire spin.

Weight on Caster Tires


Caster Weight: 62 lbs
Differential: -10 lbs

T25i C52

Weight: 72 lbs
Differential: 0


Weight: 220 lbs*
Differential: +148 lbs


Weight: 330 lbs*
Differential: +258 lbs


Weight: 426 lbs*
Differential: +354 lbs


Weight: 485 lbs*
Differential: +413 lbs

*Optional collection system installed.

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Experience Makes All The Difference

There is no better way to experience the Walker Advantage than by trying it out on your own property. Already a Walker owner? Try out a new deck combination on your machine that you have thought about? Don't own a Walker? We will bring one to a property you mow so you can see exactly how a Walker can meet your current challenges. This is no drive around the parking lot test drive. We take our time, get you comfortable running a Walker, and let you mow grass!


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