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Front-mount Deck

Balance Counter Weight
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Low Impact Mowing

The front-mount deck of the Walker reduces impact on the turf prior to cutting resulting in a more consistent, carpet-like finish. This is achieved by transferring weight away from the deck caster tires minimizing matting of grass.


Flexible Deck

The Walker torsion-flex carrier frame allows the deck to freely articulate and twist laterally producing a smooth cut, even over complicated ground contours. With decks that have this ability, Walker Mowers are ideal for mowing uneven turf.

Cutout Coupling

Deck Coupling

Deck coupling refers to the distance between the machine drive tire and the deck caster tire. The shorter the deck coupling, the less likely a mower is to scalp crests or leave uncut grass in swales. To cut grass beautifully on challenging terrain, Walker Mowers are designed with short deck coupling.

Tilt-up Design

Sharp blades and a clean deck housing have a direct impact on cut quality. With mower decks that tilt up in seconds, sharpening or changing blades, cleaning the deck housing, and other maintenance tasks are fast and easy.

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Deck Tilt Maintenance

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Experience Makes All The Difference

There is no better way to experience the Walker Advantage than by trying it out on your own property. Already a Walker owner? Try out a new deck combination on your machine that you have thought about? Don't own a Walker? We will bring one to a property you mow so you can see exactly how a Walker can meet your current challenges. This is no drive around the parking lot test drive. We take our time, get you comfortable running a Walker, and let you mow grass!


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