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Beautiful Cut Design

Dean and Ted Walker share insights with us about the philosophy and discipline of engineering the Walker signature cut. Watch each segment below as they give us an insider's view into mowing deck design.


Want to see it all? Watch the full, uncut version of our discussion with Dean and Ted.

Beautiful Cut By Design

At Walker we are passionate about cutting grass well and leaving a beautiful cut. We put in the time and effort to make sure a deck is as good as we can possibly make it.






Beautiful Cut By Design Mowing


Grass is lifted, cut, and processed evenly across the cut width enabling the Walker to create stripes that draw attention, without the need for bulky rollers or other additional equipment.


Every Walker deck presents a unique design opportunity and is developed from the ground up to meet the challenge of achieving a beautiful cut. Hear the story behind many of our proven Walker decks below.

Collection Decks


C48R Bottom

Rear Discharge Decks


R64 Bottom

Mulching Decks


M48 Bottom

Choosing A Deck



Future Roadmap

In the last 40 years, there is likely no single person who has done more in the field of mowing deck research and design as Dean Walker. We are all fortunate to benefit from his diligence and skill as he passes his knowledge and disciplined craftsmanship to the next generation of Walker engineers.


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Experience Makes All The Difference

There is no better way to experience the Walker Advantage than by trying it out on your own property. Already a Walker owner? Try out a new deck combination on your machine that you have thought about? Don't own a Walker? We will bring one to a property you mow so you can see exactly how a Walker can meet your current challenges. This is no drive around the parking lot test drive. We take our time, get you comfortable running a Walker, and let you mow grass!


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