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Tail Weights

Tail weights are used for counter balancing many Walker, front-mounted Add-ons such as a snowblower, loader bucket, or rotary broom. It is a required addition to most Walker tractors for providing lift to these all-season tool. Tail weights also improve handling when using large decks on our lighter tractor models. The cast-iron weights bolts directly to the chassis frame or the split axle tail.

Type: Option
2647-10 - Model H, 50 lb (previous tailwheel pivot design)
2647-11 - Model H, 55 lb
2647-6 -Model H, 55 lb (Extra)
4647-10 - Model B, 50 lb
4647-11 - Model B, 50 lb (Extra)
7647 - Model C, T, D, 85 lb
7647-5 - Extra 10 lb weight
Application: Counter-balance for Implements and Attachments

Tail Weights


Tail Weight 2647-10 Front2647-10 Model H, 50 lb

Tail Weight 2647-10 Front Right2647-10 Model H, 50 lb
2647-11 Tail Weight2647-11 Model H, 55 lb
Tail Weight 7647 Front7647 Model C, T, D, 85 lb

Tail Weight 7647 Front Right7647 Model C, T, D, 85 lb

Tail Weight 2647-10 Front4647-10, 4647-11 Model B, 50 lb

Tail Weights 001
Tail Weights 002
Tail Weights 003
Tail Weights 004