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Spyker Spreader Attachment

Convenient, productive spreader solution

Spyker Spreader Attachment

The new Spyker Spreader Attachment combines a Spyker S80-12010 Pro-Series Spreader with the versatile Walker Mower. No tools are needed to secure the spreader to the carrier frame of the Walker 42 inch, 48 inch, or 52 inch gear-driven decks. The front mount position delivers precision performance while conveniently placing spreader controls within the operator’s easy reach. The Spyker Spreader Attachment is an affordable solution for Walker commercial operators looking to add a ride-on spreader to their arsenal of equipment. With the Spyker Pro-Series Spreader and the Walker Mower, professional mowing meets professional nutrient and weed control.


  • PN: A39 - Spyker Spreader Attachment bundles a Spyker Pro-Series Spreader and mounting kit for complete solution.
  • PN: A38 - Spyker Spreader Mounting Kit provides the mounting hardware to attaching your existing Spyker Spreader to the Walker mower. (Spreader not included)

Type: Attachment
Capacity: 120 lbs (54 kg)
Ideal Application: Fertilizer and Rock Salt Spreading, Top Dressing
Key Features: Easy to install, Rust-resistant components, Precise operator controls
Compatibility: Decks DC42(R), DM42(A and B), DS42, DC48(R), DM48, DS48, DC52R


Spyker S80-12010 Pro-Series Spreader Features:

  • 12 Volt DC with Variable Speed Control
  • Spread width up to 16’
  • Hand Actuator Gate Control
  • 120 lb hopper capacity



Spyker Spreader: Introduction [0:39]


Spyker Spreader: In-Depth [2:14]


A38 Left
A38 Front Left
A38 Front
A38 Front Right
A38 Right
A38 Spyker Spreader Mount Front
A38 Spyker Spreader Mount top Angle
A38 Spyker Spreader Mount Top Down
A38 Transparent Zoom
A38 Spyker Spreader Mount Detail
A38 Mount Disassembled
A38 001
A38 002
A38 003
A38 004
A38 005
A38 006
A38 008
A38 009
A38 007

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