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Power Tilt-Up® Deck

Available for Model H tractors, the Power Tilt-Up® Deck makes it easy to automatically tilt-up decks for maintenance, transportation and storage. Tilt-up action uses a 12-volt electric linear actuator easily mounted to any Model H mower equipped with an S60, R52, or R64 deck with adjustable footrests. A Tail Weight is recommended when using the Power Tilt-Up®.

Parts: A35, A36
Application: Automatically raises deck
Retrofittable to Model H with S60, S61, R52, R64 with adjustable footrests



Walker Power Tilt-Up 01
Walker Power Tilt-Up 02
Walker Power Tilt-Up 03
Walker Power Tilt-Up 04
Walker Power Tilt-Up 05
Walker Power Tilt-Up 06