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The Walker Hi-Dump® raises up 67 inches and dumps collected grass and debris into a truck or trailer with a 20-second cycle time. Powered by a 12-volt electric/hydraulic system, the lifting and dumping functions work independently and are controlled by two toggle switches near the operator's seat.

Commercial lawn mowing companies using the Walker Hi-Dump® enjoy time savings as well as a decreased workload for their employees who need not leave the seat to dump a full load of grass clippings.

Type: Option
Part: A21
Weight: 175 lbs (79 kg)
Application: Dumps clippings into trucks, trailers or trash bins
Features: 67 in height, 20 second cycle



Hi-Dump Mid
Hi-Dump Up
Hi-Dump Switches
Hi-Dump Rear
P10 Hi-Dump Field
Hi-Dump Action 001
Hi-Dump Action 002
Hi-Dump Action 003
Hi-Dump Action 004