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Two-Stage Snowblower 50

Engineered for performance and simplicity

Two-Stage Snowblower 50

Stay busy in the snow when attaching the 50 inch two-stage snowblower. This powerful, easy-to-operate implement uses a power lift controlled by a toggle switch on the Forward Speed control. The direction of the discharge spout can be adjusted 228° from the seat, and the trajectory of the top of the discharge spout can be adjusted to throw snow up to 40 feet. A replaceable, hardened steel scraper provides good clearing action.

Type: Implement
Part: H17
Size: 50 in (127 cm)
Ideal Application: Snow Removal
Key Features: Two-stage, 228° chute, replaceable wear strip






H17 Left
H17 Front Left
H17 Front
H17 Front Right
H17 Right
H17 Action 001
H17 Action 002
H17 Action 003
H17 Action 004
H17 Action 005
H17 Action 006

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An electronic Chute Control Kit (6623-4) allows chute rotation and angle to be controlled from inside the Walker Operator Hard-Cab.

Configurations Options

  • Dozer Blade Polyurethane Wear Edge Kit 60” (6625-11)
  • Electric Snowblower Chute Control Kit (6623-4)