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Dozer Blade 60

Perfect balance of compact, maneuverable and wide area productivity

Dozer Blade 60

At 60" wide, the H16 adds highly capable dozer blade versatility to the Walker Mower.

The 60" dozer blade is a powerful tool able to tackle a variety of chores, from cleaning up after a good snow storm to backfilling irrigation trenches. Designed specifically for the Model H using the H19 MH Implement Hitch, the H16 is a valuable add-on to the Model H as well as the Model T and Model D when using the H10 Implement Hitch. It is now designed and built by Walker using the latest fabrication technology, precision tooling, and quality workmanship. Additional diagonal and vertical braces reinforce the span of the blade increasing its strength and long-term durability. The H16 features a simple foot actuated angle adjust mechanism that allows the operator to quickly set the blade to 5 different positions and also employs trip over protection with adjustable preload. A replaceable steel wear edge comes standard, and a polyurethane wear edge is optional. Like other implements, mounting the H16 to the implement hitch is easy and fast.

Type: Implement
Part: H16
Size: 60in (152cm)
Ideal Application: Snow Removal, Grading
Key Features: Spring loaded trip, foot activated angle adjustment, replaceable wear edges






H16 Left
H16 Front Left
H16 Front
Front Right
H16 Right
H16 Detail
H16 Action 001
H16 Action 002
H16 Action 003
H16 Action 004
H16 Action 005

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  • Blade Angle Adjustment kit (P/N 6623-30) required for use with Operator Hard Cab (P/N A33)

Configurations Options

  • Dozer Blade Polyurethane Wear Edge Kit 60” (6625-11)