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Debris Blower

Landscape clean-up and leaf removal

Debris Blower

Useful for landscape clean-up and leaf removal, the Debris Blower quickly mounts to the implement hitch and gives the Walker Mower owner full three season use.

The 13-1/2" Debris Blower delivers 125-MPH velocity and a 230° manual directional control. The same high-quality construction found in each of our commercial mowers is built into this and each implement we offer.

Type: Implement
Part: H14
Size: 13.5in (34cm)
Ideal Application: Sweeping, Leaf Cleanup
Key Features: 230° blow angle, 3-way angle adjust, left or right side blowing




H14 Left
H14 Front Left
H14 Front
H14 Front Right
H14 Right
H14 Detail
H14 Action 001
H14 Action 002
H14 Action 003
H14 Action 004

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