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Rotary Broom 47

Year-round cleaning

Rotary Broom 47

The Rotary Broom, with a 47-inch sweeping path and five-position angle head is ideal for sweeping debris or light snow from hard surfaces.

The Rotary Broom does a great job of sweeping and removing gravel and debris from turf areas along roads, paths and playing fields. Down pressure is spring weighted and is adjustable for great sweeping action and minimum brush wear. The Rotary Broom is another way to extend the usability of the Walker commercial riding lawn mower.

Type: Implement
Part: H13
Size: 47 in (119 cm)
Ideal Application: Snow Removal, Sweeping, Dethatching
Key Features: Easy down pressure adjustment, foot controlled angle adjustment



Optional Height Guide Wheels

With the optional Height Guide Wheels (P/N I399), you can set the exact height off the ground for the broom. This is useful for certain terrains and can even be used for dethatching lawns.

Guide Wheels




H13 Left
H13 Front Left
H13 Front
H13 Front Right
H13 Right
H13 Detail
H13 Action 001
H13 Action 002
H13 Action 003
H13 Action 004
H13 Action 005
H13 Action 006
H13 Action 007
H13 Action 008
H13 Action 009
H13 Action 010
H13 Action 011
H13 Action 012

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