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Two-Stage Snowblower 42

Powerful snow removal

Two-Stage Snowblower 42

A powerful 42" two-stage snowblower is available for the Model C, Model D, Model T, and Model B27i. Quick, easy operation is enhanced by a power lift and includes the ability to adjust the discharge spout 228° from the operator seat to throw snow up to 40 feet. The optional Operator Soft Cab is recommended to offer protection from the elements. The two-stage snowblower is one of Walker's most popular implements and extend the earning potential of lawn mowing companies to include the winter months.

Type: Implement
Part: H12
Size: 42 in (107 cm)
Ideal Application: Snow Removal
Key Features: Two-stage, 228° chute, replaceable wear strips






H12 Left
H12 Front Left
H12 Front
H12 Front Right
H12 Right
H12 Action 001
H12 Action 002
H12 Action 003
H12 Action 004
H12 Action 005

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