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Dump Bins

These two bins slide into the Walker 10 and 9.5 bushel catcher, making the dumping of grass clippings much easier by dividing the clippings in half. This is especially useful for single operators working by themselves.

Type: Option
Part: 8510-11, Set of Dump Bins
8510-9, Left Side Dump Bin
8510-10, Right Side Dump Bin
Features: Custom Molding, Secure Fit

Not compatible with Power Dump or Hi-Dump®

Dump Bins
Dump Bins Front Left
Dump Bins Left
Dump Bins Left
Dump Bins Single Rear Left
Dump Bins Single Rear
Dump Bins Pair Side


Dump Bins Pair Front
Dump Bins Pair Front Left
Dump Bins Pair Catcher