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Comfort Seat

The Walker Comfort Seat is custom-designed with increased seat area and added thigh support. It has improved seat bolstering and back profile for increased posture and support. The base cushion features Elastometric Vibration Control which greatly increases comfort during operation.

The Comfort Seat cover is made of marine grade, UV resistant industrial vinyl and features impermeable contrasting yellow stitching and subdued Walker branding embroidered on the seat back. The wear-resistant seat cover is easily replaceable. Matching upholstered, adjustable armrests are available as an optional upgrade.

The Comfort Seat comes standard on the T23, T27i, and B27i.

Type: Option
Part: 6104-8, Models T and D
6104-9, Models B, S and C
6104-10, Model R
6104-17, Optional Armrests
Features: Premium comfort, replaceable covers

Comfort Seat
Comfort Seat Action 001
Comfort Seat Action 002
Comfort Seat Front Left
Comfort Seat Front Right
Comfort Seat Armrests Top
Comfort Seat Armrests Bottom