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Accelerator® Grass Catcher Kit

Turn your Model R into a collection machine with the Accelerator® side-mount grass catcher. This add-on, unique to the Model R, can be placed on the side discharge deck and used for collection of yard debris, leaves, and grass clippings. Compatible with both 42" and 48" Model R decks.

The included counterweight is designed to keep the Model R deck balanced when equipped with the Accelerator® Grass Catcher

Type: Option
Capacity: 93 Gal / 10.0 Bu / 352 L

A40 - Accelerator® Grass Catcher and Counterweight for 42" Deck
A41 - Accelerator® Grass Catcher and Counterweight for 48" Deck 

Accelerator Studio Image


Accelerator Field 001
Accelerator Field 002
Accelerator Field 003
Accelerator Field 004



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