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Operator Soft Cab

Protection from the elements

Operator Soft Cab

The Operator Soft Cab is designed to shield the operator from winter weather when using the 42" Snow Blower, 47" Rotary Broom and 48" Dozer Blade. The cab features a hinged door for operator entry, glass windshield, electric windshield wiper and LED headlights.

A removable canvas flap attaches to the rear of the cab and covers the open area between the operator seat and top of the catcher box or dump box. The cab design allows the tractor body to be raised for maintenance.

Type: Attachment
Part: A17
Ideal Application: Winter Operation
Key Features: Protection from elements, quick installation, headlights, windshield wiper
Compatibility: Models C*, T, D, and B. 
Exceptions: *Not compatible with Model C23i or any ROPS installations
 Mount Kit: 7660-23 (T/D), 7660-24 (B), 7660-25 (C)






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