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Boom Sprayer

Feed and weed in style

Boom Sprayer

A helpful attachment for mowing companies, the Boom Sprayer easily mounts to all 42", 48", 52", 56", and 62" Walker decks and offers a 96" spray pattern, allowing operators to apply fertilizer or weed control in an efficient manner.

A spray-gun with a 20 foot hose allows the operator to leave the mower and apply liquid material to all landscape features. The spray tip adjusts to offer output varying from a mist to a 35-foot stream. The 25-gallon tank allows easy cleaning of the tank and spray system.

Type: Attachment
Part: A16
Size: 25 gal (95 liters)
Ideal Application: Fertilization, Weed/Pest Mitigation, Bed Maintenance
Key Features: Quick mount, overspray screen, 20 foot wand




Boom Sprayer


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