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Single-Stage Snowblower 36

Engineered for performance and simplicity

Single-Stage Snowblower 36

Just the right size for tackling sidewalks and driveways, the 36" Single-Stage Snowblower mounts directly in place of the mower deck in just a few minutes. No Implement Hitch is required. The A11 Snowblower is compatible with all Walkers with the exception of the model H tractors. The A11 Snowblower is the perfect winter season add-on to give the Walker year-round versatility. It is a compact, powerful addition to the Walker Mower.

The A11 Snowblower features a powerful, high speed, clog-resistant auger, that throws snow up to 20 feet even when working in wet, slushy conditions. The discharge chute rotates 228° degrees and is easily adjustable from the operator seat. A manual lift lever lifts and lowers the A11 into place for blowing snow or for travel and loading.

The A11 Snowblower features a replaceable, hardened steel scraper providing excellent clearing action.

Type: Attachment
Width: 36 in (91 cm)
Ideal Application: Snow removal in compact areas
Key Features: No implement hitch required, 228° chute angle, throw distance adjustment, clog-resistant
Compatibility: Models S, C*, T, D, and B
Exceptions: *Not compatible with Model C23i


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A11 36in Single-Stage Snowblower


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