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Easy and effective solution for dethatching lawns


The Dethatcher on the front of the Walker Mower is the ideal setup to quickly dethatch and mow a property. When used with the Grass Handling System on Models S, C, T, and D, lawn thatch and debris are lifted, and collected in one pass. Originally designed by Walker in 1989, the Walker Dethatcher continues to evolve and improve. The Dethatcher now features front gauge wheels which allow the dethatching tines to maintain consistent depth on uneven or articulating properties. The gauge wheels, combined with improvements like a leading edge spar in the tine tray, redesigned and improved transport latch, folding handle, and incorporated wall mount hooks improve durability and ease of use. 

The Dethatcher quickly attaches to the front of most 42”, 48”, and 52” Walker gear driven decks with integrated adjustable mounting saddles. A lift lever with foot trigger lowers and raises the Dethatcher for easy transport when driving between lawn areas. Gauge wheels are adjustable to set and tune tine depth. The foldable handle allows the Dethatcher to be stored vertically against a shop wall or tied down against a trailer side-wall.

Type: Attachment
Part: A10 (Dethatcher)
6606-11 (Optional Wall Mount)
Size: 40in (102cm)
Ideal Application: Spring Cleanup, Dethatching
Key Features: Productive and easy, quick mount, replaceable tines, folding handle, optional wall mount
Dethatcher 2018

Optional Wall Mount

With the optional Wall Mount (P/N 6606-11), you can securely and compactly mount the Dethatcher off the floor in a space-saving manner on your shop or garage wall. It is the ideal way to store your Dethatcher during the off season, and with the foldable handle, it will stay compact and safe until next season.

A10 Mount
A10 on Mount



A10 Dethatcher


Dethatcher 2018 Left
Dethatcher 2018 Front Left
Dethatcher 2018 Front
Dethatcher 2018 Front Right
Dethatcher 2018 Right
A10 Dehtatcher 001
A10 Dehtatcher 002
A10 Dehtatcher 003
A10 Dehtatcher 004
A10 Dehtatcher 005
A10 Dehtatcher 006
A10 Dehtatcher 007
A10 Dehtatcher 008
A10 Dehtatcher 009
A10 Dehtatcher 010
A10 Dehtatcher 011
A10 Dehtatcher 012
A10 Dehtatcher 013
A10 Dehtatcher 014
A10 Dehtatcher 015

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