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With its compact size, low center of gravity, agility, and a variety of addons like the Snowblower and the Dozer Blade, the Walker Mower is the ultimate machine for winter.

The front-mount, zero-turn Walker Mower is a true, year-round workhorse helping contractors, municipalities, and homeowners stay productive in all seasons.


Walker Makes The Little Things Easy

A lot of little things add up during your workday, and a mower that addresses all these little things makes a huge difference. Operator comfort, grass handling add-ons, easy maintenance, and a cut that you don’t have to worry about, make using the Walker Mower easy.

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Standard vs. Reverse Rotation

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C23i Utilizes Next-Gen Design Concepts

July 15, 2022

The new Model MC23i incorporates design concepts developed for the Model R, Model B and Model S to offer a faster, lighter, quieter and simplified GHS machine. 

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