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Walker Vintage Vehicle Show 2018

DATES: July 13-14, 2018
LOCATION: Walker Manufacturing | Fort Collins, CO

The largest gathering of restored vintage Walker vehicles will take place at the Walker Mowers Family Reunion in July 2018. If you have a Walker Executive Golf Car, Power Truck, or Mower (1981-1985) in showable condition, we would invite you to join our community of collectors as we proudly display these unique Walker vehicles.


  • The show is open to Walker Executive Golf Cars, Walker Power Trucks, and Walker Mowers (produced 1981-1985).
  • Vehicles must be complete. Preference will be given to those in running, restored condition.
  • You will participate with numerous other collectors in showing your vehicle in a special Walker Vintage Vehicle display at the 2018 Walker Mowers Family Reunion.
  • Public voting will take place and prizes will be offered to winners and runners up in the following categories: Best of Show, Best Executive Golf Car, Best Power Truck, Best Walker Mower.
  • Free registration and camping fees to the 2018 Walker Mowers Family Reunion will be provided to Vintage Vehicle Show participants and their immediate family.*

*All other transport, accommodation, and incidental costs will be at the expense of the participant.

Do you have a well-kept or restored Walker Vehicle? Why not show it to the world? Please fill out the form below.