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Thank you for coming!

Video Gallery

Relive every moment of the Walker Family Reunion. Click on the videos below to watch every ceremony and concert from the event. QP:




We celebrated several milestones at the Walker Family Reunion. This was an incredible time of fellowship with people from around the world as we came together to celebrate these important events in the company's history.

Celebrated Walker Mower #150,000

Over 2500 guests from the United States and 9 other countries from around the world came to the Walker Family Reunion to celebrate 40 years since the creation of the Walker Mower and the production of the 150,000th mower. Visitors were able to take a factory tour, see a parade of vintage vehicles, and spend two full days enjoying entertainment, food, and fellowship.

New Walker World Champion

One of the key events of the Family Reunion was the Walker World Championship, an obstacle course designed to test your skills on a Walker mower. Over 240 operators from around the world competed, with the top 3 finalists receiving Walker mowers as prizes. Congratulations to our new Walker World Champion, Glenn Miller from Montrose, Colorado! 

  1. Glenn Miller | 42.5 seconds
  2. Daniel Brenneman | 44 seconds
  3. Leon Miller | 44.3 seconds
  4. Nolan Huelsmann | 47.4 seconds
  5. Matthew Hartzler | 47.8 seconds
  6. Brad Germann | 47.9 seconds
  7. Jonathan Brenneman | 53.9 seconds
  8. Ryan Ulrich | 54.6 seconds
  9. Seth Brown | 60.0 seconds
  10. Alex Dawson | 60.2 seconds
Vintage Vehicle Show Winners

Another highlight of the event was the Vintage Vehicle Show, where different Walker owners from around the world brought their vintage Walker Mowers, Executive Golf Cars, and Power Trucks. Congratulations to our winners:

Mark Eaton (Wichita, KS) - Best Golf Car
Mike Weber (Dodge City, KS) - Best Power Truck
Bruce Tallman (Fort Collins, CO) - Best Vintage Mower
Mark Eaton (Wichita, KS) - Best of Show